An anonymous terror outfit is bombing Indian cities with precision and deadly impact. Hundreds are dead, and many more are injured. The Indian security establishment is clueless. And then, in the last week of July 2008, not far from a city just bombed by the terrorists, two cars with unexploded bombs provided clues to an intrepid investigator. A car thief is the investigator’s entry into the secretive world of deadly terrorists.

The chase begins, and over the next several months, the cat-and-mouse game between the terrorists and the Indian security establishment swings across cities and coastal villages. Luckily for India, it ends with the unravelling of the deadliest homegrown terror group in its history.

The Hunt for Indian Mujahideen is the untold story of that investigation.

Showrunner: Josy Joseph, founder and CEO, The Confluence Media

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