Chindu Sreedharan


A journalism academic at Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom, he previously worked for, India Abroad, and The Sunday Observer. Chindu specialised in crisis reporting at, reporting on and producing the coverage of, among others, the Kashmir conflict, the India-Pakistan Kargil war, and the Maoist insurgency in central India.

He holds a PhD in journalism and has a particular interest in journalistic storytelling as a means to improve human rights and crisis situations, and empower marginalised groups. He currently oversees research and capacity-building projects amongst journalists in Sierra Leona (in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists), Nepal (with Nepal Press Institute and Federation of Nepali Journalists), and India (with UNESCO New Delhi).

Chindu’s recent publications include Hold Your Story (2020, co-edited), Notes for the Media (2020, co-edited), Impact of COVID-19 on journalism in Nepal (2020, co-author), Disaster Journalism (2019, co-author), and Voices from Nepal (2018, co-author).

He has also authored two books of fiction — Autobiography of a Villain (2020) and I who killed my brothers (2020) — and blogs at Indian in England.